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How To Secure Garage Doors

Every homeowner takes security measures to ensure their home doesn’t become an all-you-can-steal buffet. They install security systems, secure their doors, close their windows, and much more. Most know of all the ways to keep their home protected, but one thing that tends to get overlooked is how to secure garage doors.

According to a National Association of Certified Home Inspection (NACHI) survey, approximately 9% of burglars break into homes through the garage. To keep your home protected, learn how thieves can break into your garage and how to prevent it below.

how to secure garage doors

How Do Thieves Break Into Garages?

Surprisingly, breaking into a garage isn’t as challenging as it may seem. If the right security measures aren’t taken, your 150-pound garage door will simply be a guise of protection that can be broken into within seconds. After applying pressure to the top center of the door, one can easily break into your garage with something as simple as a hanger.

They can use a hanger to grab the cord with its hook and pull the garage door release trigger. Then your home will have an intruder. Thankfully, you can avoid this outcome with some of our methods below to keep your home safe. Check out the following tips to get started.

Tips On How To Secure Garage Doors

You know how to protect your home, but now is the time to keep your garage safe. Each of the tips below will surely keep your garage door secure from any burglars.

Don’t Hide The Remote In Your Car

Hiding your garage door remote is what every garage owner does. However, many go the obvious route when doing this, like hiding it in their car. This is a common hiding spot due to its convenience, but it is also the first place thieves will inspect. Instead, it is best to keep it in your purse or with your car keys. Having your remote on your person is the best-case scenario.

Frost Your Windows

If your garage doors have windows, it’s best to frost them. Frosting your window is a method to keep anything beyond your windows private. This will prevent thieves from knowing what is in your garage and whether you are home or not. You can apply frost to your windows with either a spray or a window film.

Secure Doors To The Garage

As simple as it may be, locking the door to your garage is a great way to keep your home protected. Locking this door can either completely slip one’s mind or not even be a concern because many think their garage door will protect their home. But the one time you don’t lock your door can be the one time a burglar has their eyes on your home. This is why it is important to lock every door to your garage.

Install a Garage Door Security System

A garage door security system operates much like a home security system. This will provide you with security cameras, motion detection lights, sensors, and more to keep your garage monitored.

Use a Garage Door Shield

To prevent anyone from using a hanger to break into your home, all you need is a garage door shield. This device is specifically made to stop anyone from breaking into your garage. This will block off anyone’s path to your garage’s trigger release cord, foiling their plans.

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Find Peace of Mind with Garage Door Repair Houston

There are many ways to keep your garage safe; you can use a garage door shield, window frosting, or a security system. Any of these methods will help you attain peace of mind. The same is the case when you rely on Garage Door Repair Houston services. We offer everything from repair to maintenance services to keep your garage door in tip-top shape. Give our team a call to take the next step.

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