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Vinyl Garage Doors: 4 Myths And Facts

Garage doors have evolved to a point where they aren’t just limited to being made of wood. Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and even glass are among the most popular garage door material options. Even vinyl garage doors have become a popular choice for homeowners. 

Understandably, you’re probably already making assumptions about this type of garage door because it is made of vinyl. In this context, vinyl is a synthetic plastic polymer that’s commonly used in construction. This material is also commonly known as PVC. As far as vinyl garage doors are concerned, explore these facts that will dispute any preconceived notions you have about them. Here are four myths about vinyl garage doors, accompanied by the facts.

Myth: Vinyl Garage Doors Are Fragile

FACT: Vinyl is a pretty sturdy garage door material. In fact, they surpass steel in some areas regarding durability. Unlike steel, vinyl garage doors aren’t as vulnerable to denting. Vinyl is also the kind of material where it’s more difficult to spot any marks or scratches, unlike steel or wood. That’s because vinyl is one color through all parts of it, while materials like steel only have color on the surface. For these reasons, vinyl garage doors are not fragile. However, there is one exception.

Myth: Vinyl Garage Doors Work In Any Climate

FACT: For all their sturdiness, vinyl garage doors are best used in coastal climates. If you live in an area with a consistently cold climate, you won’t get much out of this kind of garage door. In the cold, vinyl becomes brittle. In extremely cold temperatures, vinyl can also visibly crack. Otherwise, they can handle most other climates and are as weather-resistant as steel. 

Additionally, they aren’t prone to rusting, giving them another point above steel. They also have an advantage over wood garage doors in that vinyl is not as likely to warp or endure heat damage to the same extent. Overall, vinyl garage doors are considered ideal for coastal areas because of their resilience against sand and water. 

Myth: Vinyl Is A Natural Insulator

FACT: With garage door insulation on the rise, it is natural to assume that all the latest garage door materials must be naturally insulating. However, that is nowhere near the case. Most garage doors are being sent out with pre-installed insulation between the panels. While vinyl isn’t a natural insulator, it can have high-quality insulation installed on it. The quality of said insulation can sometimes be strong enough to match that of materials that are natural insulators.

Myth: These Doors Are High Maintenance

FACT: Vinyl garage doors actually require less maintenance than conventional wood garage doors. Aside from the usual maintenance tasks required of any garage door, the panels just need to be washed down from time to time. As explained earlier, vinyl doesn’t bring the same additional maintenance needs as wood or steel garage doors, which already cuts down the list of tasks required for their upkeep. If low maintenance is a high priority for your next garage door, vinyl is a material worthy of consideration.

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Hopefully, you feel more informed about the truth of vinyl garage doors after seeing four myths about them busted by facts. Every garage door material has its own unique perks and drawbacks. However, it all comes down to the most important qualities of your next garage door. If you live in Houston, you don’t need to look too far to find an excellent garage door service that can work with any material, whether you need installation or repairs. Contact us today at Garage Door Repair Houston for more information and excellent service.

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