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Your Guide To A Swing Out Garage Door

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Have you always loved the look of a ranch or carriage-style garage door? Then you might have learned about a swing out garage door. These doors can look exceptionally lovely, especially when you match your home aesthetic to the swing out garage door. Not only can a swing out garage door help to increase your curb appeal and resale value, but it can also help to differentiate your garage from the rest of the ones in your neighborhood! So if you have ever thought about having a swing out garage door, this is your sign to get one. Keep reading our informative blog to find out more about swing out garage doors.

A Misconception Related To A Swing Out Garage Door

Maybe you have thought about getting a swing out garage door, but there was something stopping you. Maybe it was the idea of always having to get out and open your garage door. Well, did you know that is actually a misconception? A garage door, given the right tools, hardware, and installation, can become an automatic door. So no need to worry about all those hot, rainy, or cold days when you want to sit inside your warm car rather than open the door manually. 

Ways To Stand Out With Your Swing Out Garage Door

Swing out garage doors are easily one way to already stand out. They offer a sense of style that most homeowners don’t go with. This could be due to the misconception that they only open manually or that the style doesn’t work with their many homes’ aesthetics. But what better way to further stand out and increase your resale value and curb appeal than with a swing out garage door? Let’s go over some ways to further stand out with your garage door.

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Paint Your Garage Door

Did you know that for some people, painting can act as a stress reliever? So if you’ve been wanting to do a house project that wouldn’t cause stress, but rather reduce it, we would recommend this. The second greatest part about painting your garage door is that you can pick any color you desire. Have you ever seen a pink or purple garage door? Well, you could be the first person to have one! However, if you wanted to work within a natural aesthetic that also stays within your HOA restrictions, we would recommend white, black, green, gray, brown, and blue.

Don’t Be Shy With Additions

Have you ever seen those beautiful garage doors that have handles and windows on them and always want something like it? Maybe you were thinking about getting the same for your garage door until you realized it was too expensive. Well, did you know that you could get the same look but at a fraction of the cost? It’s true! With the help of Amazon, you can find magnetic window inserts and handles. While you won’t be able to have the same natural lighting come through as real window inserts provide, you would still be able to have roughly the same exterior look. 

Add Some Wood For Dimension

If you thought that adding paneling on your swing out garage door would only make your door fall within the ranch or farmhouse style, you are wrong. Adding some paneling can be in the form of adding dimension. You see, you can have multiple styles within paneling. If you want to stay in the ranch or farmhouse look, you could add paneling to create an “X”. If you want to go more modern, think of getting window inserts and encasing them with your wooden panels. For a more classic look, you could add paneling either horizontally or vertically across the entire garage door. 

Let Garage Door Repair Houston Help With Your Swing Out Garage Door

Now that you know a little more about swing out garage doors, you may want to get started on your designing, DIYing, or upgrading! Our team at Garage Door Repair Houston can help you select and install your swing out garage door. So give us a call at (713) 730-2935.

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