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The Impact Of Weather On Garage Door Balance

A variety of factors can easily offset garage door balance. Poor care for moving parts, rust, broken or damaged cables and springs, and even misaligned tracks are just a few examples of things that can ruin the balance of your garage door. However, there is an overlooked element that can impact your garage door balance: the weather. The impact of weather on garage door balance is usually ignored when trying to diagnose the cause of an off-balance garage door. However, by understanding how weather affects your garage door balance, you can be prepared to take preventative measures in the future. 

The Impact Of Weather On Garage Door Balance

Weather can have a drastic effect on different parts of your garage door, which can, in turn, affect its balance. Here are some examples of the impact of weather on garage door balance:

Hot Temperatures

The first weather condition that will be examined in this blog is hot temperatures. During summer months, especially, heat can cause the metal parts of your garage door to expand. These parts can include tracks, springs, cables, hinges, braces, and others. This expansion can lead to misaligned safety sensors, rollers, and other parts. As a result, these misaligned parts can lead to the offsetting of your garage door balance.

Cold Temperatures

The next weather condition that can throw off the balance of your garage door is cold temperatures. Just as heat expands metal, cold air causes it to contract. The contraction of metal moving parts can make your garage door springs brittle. The springs play a major role in maintaining a balanced garage door, so any damage to the springs can lead to dire consequences for your garage door’s balance and safety. This is because brittle springs are more likely to snap, causing your garage door to fall apart.

Severe Storms

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the height of summer heat, severe storms are weather conditions that can very easily disrupt your balanced garage door. For example, severe winds from hurricanes can cause the door to dent, and water damage from flooding can lead to moving parts rusting. Dented doors and rusted metal parts are both ingredients in a recipe for a malfunctioning garage door, so don’t hesitate to take preventative measures.

impact of weather on garage door balance severe storms

How To Reduce The Impact Of Weather On Garage Door Balance

Speaking of preventative measures, it is possible to reduce the impact of weather on garage door balance. Installing garage door insulation can provide the proper temperature control to reduce the likelihood of expansion and contraction in your metal moving parts. Keeping up with regular garage door maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating, will also keep your garage door running smoothly. Finally, you can never go wrong with weatherstripping your garage door to prevent the kinds of damage that could lead to an unbalanced garage door. 

Keep Your Garage Door Balanced With Garage Door Repair Houston!

Without a balanced garage door, you would barely be able to leave your home, and your home security would be compromised. That’s why you should never underestimate the impact of weather on garage door balance. Luckily, with the preventative actions described in this blog, you can ensure that your garage door balance is maintained throughout the whole year. 

If, however, you are currently dealing with the fallout of weather damage to your garage door, the first thing you need to do is get it back in working order. To make this possible, you need help from the best garage door service in Houston. The good news is that our team at Garage Door Repair Houston can set your garage door right and ensure it remains balanced. Contact us today, and we will keep your garage door in shape. 

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