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The Detached Garage: 3 Myths And Facts

When you drive through any neighborhood, how often do you see a garage detached from the house? If it’s something you rarely or never see, you wouldn’t be alone. Statistics show that by the 2000s, over 80% of homes in the United States have attached garages, so it makes sense that seeing a detached garage might be a rare occurrence. However, some people still use a detached garage, and if you plan to customize a new home, a detached garage is worth considering. Today we will look at three myths about the detached garage and bust them with facts. 

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MYTH: A Detached Garage Doesn’t Make Your Home Safer

FACT: An attached garage can be seen as an extra layer of security against a potential theft or home invasion. By that logic, one might assume that your home is less safe with a detached garage when that is actually not the case. In reality, a detached garage can provide an additional kind of security. 

If something goes awry in your attached garage, it can easily spread into your home. These situations include potential fires, carbon monoxide, and other potentially harmful vehicle emissions. Where traditional home security is concerned, you don’t need to worry as much about someone breaking into your home via your garage if you lose your keys or your garage opener faces difficulties.

MYTH: A Detached Garage Doesn’t Offer Much Concerning Design

FACT: When you think of a detached garage, you probably visualize a plain shed. However, a detached garage door deserves just as much attention for design as an attached one. Whether attached or detached, garages play a huge role in your home’s curb appeal and overall value, so there are still many possibilities you can explore for designing your detached garage. In fact, because of its separation from your home, there are more options for how to approach designing your garage.

MYTH: There’s No Reason To Have A Garage Separate From Your Home

FACT: While a detached garage may not be for everyone, you can still have valid reasons for keeping your garage and your home separate from each other. The main reasons why people usually keep their garage separate from their home via a detached garage include privacy, additional guest or workspace, less noise, and a chance to breathe fresh air.


We love spending time with our family, but every once in a while, we could use some privacy. A detached garage can sometimes be deemed a space for clearly defined privacy that is still on your property without being in your home.

Additional Space

Some people with a detached garage on their property use it for more than just vehicular storage. Detached garage doors sometimes come with another level that you might use as an office space or even a guest room. If you want more space for work or home purposes, then a two-story detached garage door is the perfect solution.

Less Noise

Do you wish you could silence the sound of your garage door opening and closing that keeps invading your home while you sit back and watch TV? For this reason, some people prefer a detached garage. There’s no better guarantee of not being disturbed by garage door sounds than by keeping your garage separate from your home.

Breathe Fresh Air

Do you wish you had time to enjoy a short walk outside every morning? A detached garage door can grant you that wish easily. Walking outside from your house to get to your car parked in the detached garage is a great way to add a short morning walk to your daily routine, especially if you tend to spend the majority of your time working indoors.

We Can Repair Any Kind Of Garage!

While not as common as they once were, detached garages still bring their own benefits to any property. Just like traditionally attached garages, a detached garage also requires periodic maintenance and occasional repairs. If you’re looking for a service that works with all kinds of garage doors, contact us today at Garage Door Repair Houston to get started!

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